A day with Guy Kawasaki

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Augustine, camper VYE Bootcamp 2013


There are two first-times in life that you hardly forget, your first kiss and your first time seeing a guru of your own field. I got the former when I was sixteen, and it took me nearly eight years and a half to reach the latter, Guy Kawasaki The Evangelist.


It is so hard to describe how awesome it is to really have a chance watching Guy on the stage, pitch an idea to you, with his movement, his charming jokes and such a five-star content of Enchantment. I’m not gonna dig into his subject too much, as the whole topic is fully covered in depth in his bestselling book, “Enchantment: The Art of Changing Hearts, Minds, and Actions” (2011, Penguin Books Limited,.) but what matters here is how unbelievably seductive a presenter could be in over two hours. To make it short, what Kawasaki does is, as confirmed by himself, the masterpiece of thirty-year-continuous-repetition of presenting, or in a closer meaning, enchanting. There are three things I would really recommend people to adopt from Guy.


First of all, the rule of picture kingdom. In every slides, and I do mean each and every slides that Guy used, picture is the boss. Text itself served only as titles or captions but hardly the body content, and never in the ugly bullet points.


Secondly, please do not give us figures, tell us a story. Guy has such a huge encyclopedia of stories from his own life, from the products that he knows and loves, and from his favorite topic of all time, the Kawasaki Juniors , all of which packed with such humor and humanity that make you laugh your head off.


And last but not least, talk from your heart. And here comes my own story of how Kawasaki does walk his talk. Later on the presenting part, Guy mentioned about “Defaulting to Yes”and “Duchenne smile”, a.k.a never refusing a person and always smile from your heart, and which was actually mentioned in hundreds of business books out there. What makes it become trustworthy to me is that, I won a huge bet against my boss earlier this day simply by asking Guy a favor to have me in his own Google Plus post, and Guy Kawasaki, with his full rights to default to “Nope” and a really commonsensical reason “Who are you and why the heck do I need to do it?”, he just simply looked and me, smiling, and said “Yes”. And that’s what make Guy the speaker also that Guy the Great Entrepreneur.

To sum it up, I would say for sure once you have seen Guy, you could easily explain yourself why people fly across the globe, or pay thousands of bucks to see him on stage. It is not only the magnificent wisdom that counts, it is also his great personality and his such perfect enchantment you hardly see on your daily basis.

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